Uz prvu Webbovu fotografiju svemira (, 26.7.2022)

Metoda podjele ekliptike u antici (Čovjek i svemir 56/3, 2014, str. 40)

A Short History of Astronomy in 10 Events (from BBC Knowledge March 2011)

Unchanging Heaven: On the Aristotelian Picture of the Universe (repost from Blogomdan)

My pictures of a double rainbow over Zagreb (31 August 2010)

My pictures of Venus (June 2010)

8 Wonders of the Solar System

100 epic images from the Hubble Space Telescope

The history of our understanding of the universe from antinquity to present day

The Known Universe, video-clip by American Museum of Natural History

How we see the sky. Elements of observational astronomy (from Astronomy Magazine, June 2009).

Starry Messenger at the Universtity of Cambridge.

Astronomy, its branches and related disciplines (from Sterne und Weltraum, Januar 2010)